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A photograph of the author, Darren Lester.

Darren Lester is a Classics and MFL teacher in the south-west of England. Formerly a primary school teacher, he is now lucky enough to work across Key Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5. He publishes about modern reception of classical myth and Latin language, and has written three distance learning Latin courses as part of his drive to make Classics as accessible to as many learners as possible. 

A view of the Ponte Sant'Angelo (bridge) in Rome

Crossing the Curricucon: Suggestions for using Classics across the curriculum

With time at a premium in school, it can be difficult to cover everything in the depth we would like. In this post, Darren Lester considers how Classics can be used to enforce curriculum aims in Religious Education, Physical Education, Design and Technology, Geography, Music and Drama.