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A photograph of the author, Jo Johnson.

I started learning Latin aged 12 at my local comprehensive school, using the little orange pamphlets of CLC Book I. I had to choose between Latin and German, and I made my choice based on the fact that, having read the James Herriot books, I wanted to be a vet, and he had had to learn Latin, so therefore I would have to – it hadn’t really occurred to me that James Herriot trained in the 1930s! But I quickly fell in love with Latin, continuing with GCSE and A Level, and then a BA and MPhil at the University of Birmingham. My supervisor suggested becoming a teacher, and the idea just clicked. After my PGCE at King’s College London, I started teaching in September 2000 at Derby Grammar School; after three years there I moved to Solihull School where I have been ever since.

Teaching the 5th Edition: Reflections of a Latin teacher

How is the new edition of the Cambridge Latin Course being received by students in the Latin classroom? In this post, Joanna Johnson, Head of Classics at Solihull School, shares her first impressions of the new textbook, and some of her students' most interesting reactions!