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Photograph of Elena Giusti

I am an Associate Professor of Latin Literature and Language at the University of Warwick. I previously taught at the Universities of Glasgow and Cambridge. I am the author of Carthage in Virgil's Aeneid: Staging the Enemy under Augustus (Cambridge, CUP) and of a number of articles and book chapters on Latin imperial literature.

Race Theory, Critical Race Theory, and the Classics Classroom

In response to those who may think otherwise, Elena Giusti argues that the application of Race Theory and Critical Race Theory to the ancient world is far from a needless intellectual exercise. It enables teachers and students to connect antiquity and modernity while investigating our own biases and making us better interpreters of both societies, and of our own academic and pedagogical practices.

Centring Africa in Greek and Roman Literature, while Decolonising the Classics Classroom

Diversifying the teaching provision of Classics and Ancient History does not necessarily help us to ‘decolonise’ the discipline and engage in anti-racist pedagogical practice. Dr Elena Giusti reflects on her undergraduate module 'Africa and the Making of Classical Literature' at the University of Warwick.