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A photograph of the author, Evan Dutmer.

Evan Dutmer is Instructor in Latin, Ancient Mediterranean Cultures, and Ethics at the Culver Academies, a boarding school in Northern Indiana. He received his PhD in Ancient Philosophy from Northwestern University in 2019. He is the 2020 Indiana Classical Conference Teacher of the Year, Rising Star, and was one of 60 teachers (of close to 13,000 nominations from 112 countries) shortlisted for the 2021 Cambridge University Press Dedicated Teacher Awards. He has written several pieces for academic journals and has contributed over a dozen pieces to public-facing Classics and philosophy forums.

A drawing from the "Chronography of 354" showing a personification of the month of December. Saturnalian dice and a mask are on the table in front of him.

How to Teach Deep Culture in Secondary Latin

How do we teach Greek and Roman culture in a rigorous and systematic way that honors the complexity and diversity of the peoples that inhabited the Ancient Mediterranean? In this piece, Evan Dutmer provides teachers with a simple framing tool that will help them to teach culture on both its surface and deeper levels.